[svlug] some from sbay.org going to fireworks in downtown SJ

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Thu Jul 4 15:05:17 PDT 2002

In case anyone from SVLUG wants to join us...  We made some plans on
the sbay-social mail list to go to the SJ downtown fireworks.  Some of
the discussion about this also occurred at the SVLUG meeting and
after-meeting dinner last night.

Here's the URL for the show...

And some relevant info if you plan to take light rail to get there...
(Expect heavy heavy traffic and scarce parking if you drive.)

Meet us at 8PM at the "snake" sculpture at Cesar Chavez Park, next to the
intersection of San Carlos St and Market St.  (That's 1/2 block in the
wrong direction from the Convention Center light rail station, just
to get away from the crowds for the rendezvous.)  Hams can use 446.5
simplex for talk-in.

Or if you're coming from North SJ/Milpitas, you can meet me at the
Cisco Way light rail station at 7PM.  (I'll park at Cisco Bldg 7,
next to the station.)  That's one block east of where SVLUG meets,
and on the other side of Tasman.

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