[svlug] Instalfest?

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Tue Jul 2 11:16:11 PDT 2002

>From: "Daniel Curry" <dcurry at cariocas.com>
>When is the next install fest?  I am having some problems with a kernel
>build and some PCM cards on my notebook.  I was hoping to get it fixed
>at an installfest.  Any suggestions?
>Daniel Curry
>IT Manager

I see no one answered for over a day.  The answer is mentioned and linked
on the SVLUG home page.  SVLUG installfests are the 3rd Saturday of every

The SVLUG installfest page mentions that CABAL also holds installfests 
alternating between SF and Oakland each month.  It's linked from a note
at the top of the page.  (As an "exercise to the reader", I'm not listing
the URL here.  But the next one is in a few days.)

I don't want this to sound like a put-down.  It's difficult but worthwhile
to attempt to make this point.  It's realistic to say that everyone who
might ask a question on the list is advised to check the web for obvious
answers first.  It's a courtesy to the people whose time you're asking for.
If it's right there on the web site then it exposes that no homework was
done before asking.  So no one volunteered to write a response.  You
probably didn't intend any disrespect to any volunteers.  The piece of the
picture that's not obvious is that new subscribers have been doing this for
years.  We just have to find polite ways to encourage them each time to
do a web search for obvious answers first.

Thanks for bearing with me while I tried to make that point without
hurting anyone's feelings.  As usual, it is hoped that a lot of new
subscribers will take this seriously.

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