[svlug] system with read-only root filesystem

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Tue Jul 2 08:41:12 PDT 2002

---- As written by Bill Jonas:
> On Mon, Jul 01, 2002 at 07:28:10AM -0500, Jay Link wrote:
> >  echo "Remounting root device with read-write enabled."
> >  /sbin/mount -w -n -o remount /
> >
> > So, all I would do is delete that line. Could you do something similar
> > with your system?
> That only works for the root filesystem.  You'd probably want to edit
> /etc/fstab and change the "defaults" line to "ro,defaults", among other
> things.  You *really* want to look at the various options on the
> mount(8) man page and find something suitable.

Is there any problem with mounting root readonly?

I know that Solaris has readonly imply nodev.  So /dev must be a seperate
filesystem, mounted readwrite.


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