[svlug] system with read-only root filesystem

Vince Duperron duperron at charter.net
Mon Jul 1 04:18:55 PDT 2002

> Hi all,
> I'd like to setup a system that by default mounts all of its filesystems
> (except for maybe a small ramdisk) read-only so that I can flip the power
> switch off at any time and not have any possiblity of losing data or going
> through an fsck during the next boot.  The machine is going to be an mp3
> player.  Any ideas on setting this up?
> thx
> m

If your goal is to avoid loosing data, or wasting time with an 
fsck, you may wish to consider a journaling filesystem.  With 
such a filesystem fsck is a thing of the past and most system
failures will not corrupt data on the drive.  There are several
to choose from including xfs, and reiserfs.


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