[svlug] Re: Fixes for anti-aliasing and for G400/framebuffer

Al Udal aludal at softhome.net
Mon Jan 28 21:26:02 PST 2002

28 ?????? 2002 04:35, ?? ????????:
> On Sun, 2002-01-27 at 17:12, Al Udal wrote:
> > Hint for hint:
> > If you work with 1600x1280 and more resolutions (like mine 1800x1440),
> > you'll be doing your eyes very big favour if you set your X dpi value(s)
> > right. Defaults of X 4.x are ridiculously low -- 88 or 89 by some
> > reports. GIMP installation procedure could give you an idea of what your
> > real numbers are (mine for HP P1110 were approx. 113 and 121.) Now the
> > problem is that you can start X (in Xservers) with the option "....X -dpi
> > 121" as the last line, instead of default ".... X", but only an obscurely
> > documented option for "Monitor" Section in your XF86Config-4 file can
> > give you your right figures fired up correctly: add this:
> >
> > Section "Monitor"
> > 		....
> >
> > DisplaySize 403 302
> >
> > which is your horizontal and vertical screen size in millimeters, it will
> > give you exact numbers of 113 and 121 of dpi's (different for aperture
> > grill Sony CRT's triades as in my case). You'll be able to get a lot of
> > eyes relief.
> Heh. Check the output of xdpyinfo before going to this trouble.
my xdpyinfo output is and was perfectly fine, to use all of 300 MHz of 
bandwidth of my HP P1110. A 300 MHz mark is where the 1800x1440 and better 
resolutions are possible in X modelines terms, unlike X database for P1110.

> Most
> LCD panels and many modern monitors have this detected properly by
> XFree, the more recent the better.  (Actually my 17" NEC monitor is
> about five years old now and is detected fine through the GeForce2 card)
That's OK, but all I was talking about was resolutions in excess of 1600x1200 
for 19-21" monitors, and AA for their non-square trixels. Weaker beasts and 
LCDs worse than Apple Cinema Display, or Dell's Inspirons 8x00 w/UXGA are 
completely out of my scope. People need to learn how to love their eyesight.
I mean throw your 17" NEC away, or set it as 2nd DVD/TV head, and buy a 
decent 19-22" monitor. My refurbished (by MonitorOnSale.com) HP P1110 0.24AG 
90 lbs gross 300-Mhz 10,000K of fine Sony colours' monster will cost you only 
$399, much less than optometrists' & new glasses bills.

> Ob Hint: Another something that might be tanking people who are using
> gdkxft and just switched from XFree 4.1.0 to 4.2.0... The well-hinted
> sans, serif, and fixed fonts that come with XFree86 had their names
> changed from Lucidux to Luxi with 4.2.0, and /usr/etc/gdkxft.conf may
> need to be changed to reflect this.
... never held b&h luci* products as especially well hinted (compared to 
Monotype, or Linotype, or even Adobe sets. But it's OK, as I never even used 
Lucidux, and Luxi as theirs are incomplete (no Cyrillics et al.) and broken 
sets anyway.

My major problem remains in that I'm still unable to turn off AA (and 
subsequent non-rendering) of CJK/2-byte characters in responsible way, that 
is with all them staying and rendering (even if non-AA'ed) in my system. In 
this, I'm ready to explore some provisional hacks: never had much of 
experience with KDE 1.x and its fonts 'override' handling, now I wonder if I 
could move my 2-bytes sets there to the company the KDE's cursor font, to 
hide them from evil AA Norvegian trolls. Any ideas?

Also, need some Apple/YellowDog buffs URLs, to download some old 
Apple/Linotype .ttf, and play with them. I just love Apple 
serifed/non-serifed faces, besides I somehow believe they may without any AA 
turn out just eye-candy on hi-res monitors. Any hints?

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