[svlug] question re partitioning system

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Mon Jan 28 14:08:02 PST 2002

Walter Reed wrote:
> Hmm. My take on this is different. I'd rather take the extremely rare chance of
> corruption with ext3 than the much higher risk of data loss (and the slow
> reboots) due to abrupt shutdowns on ext2.

That assumes you have abrupt shutdowns.  If you use even a very small
UPS (with some sort of mechanism for detecting power failures, which
could be the UPS itself, or just an old modem *not* plugged into the
UPS), you should never have them.  The only reason would be a kernel
crash, which is very rare.  I've not had an abrupt shutdown in several
years of running Linux servers.

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