[svlug] question re partitioning system

Walter Reed wreed at hubinternet.com
Mon Jan 28 11:59:02 PST 2002

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 11:17:46AM -0800, Joe Brenner wrote:
> > Are you suggesting that I choose ext2 over ext3?
> If you're asking for opinions, I would suggest sticking to
> ext2 for now.  ext3 will probably work fine, but ext2 
> definitely will.  The primary difference is that if you do 
> an abrupt shutdown (e.g. power failure) ext2 will insist on 
> spending some time on checking the disk when you restart the
> system.  Ext3 doesn't need to. 
> But there are some occasional (but thankfully rare) reports
> of disk corruption with the new ext3 system.  

Hmm. My take on this is different. I'd rather take the extremely rare chance of
corruption with ext3 than the much higher risk of data loss (and the slow
reboots) due to abrupt shutdowns on ext2.

Of course both ext2 and ext3 can have corrupt files due to abrupt shutdowns,
but the file system state is much more likely to be clean on ext3.

There are other FS options of course, but for compatability sake, ext3 is
probably the best choice for most general purpose uses in my opinion.

(Datapoint: I've been using ext3 on 5 systems for about 6 months with no
problems. I did some testing early with pulling power plugs and everything
always came up clean...)

On the RH 7.2 vs blah subject, 7.2 has been fairly good, but it is bloated, and
you will probably want to compile some of the software yourself instead of
using the RH versions. I did have some trouble bootstrapping on a VA box
with a USB keyboard, but a PS/2 keyboard worked fine.

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