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Sanatan Rai sanat at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 28 10:39:01 PST 2002

	Get a DOS boot disk with fdisk on it. Do fdisk /mbr, this should
clean the master boot record.

: Hello, Over the weekend I picked up a pc from a friend who was getting
: rid of old equipment. Well the pc (pentium II) was running linux
: before but from what I was told my buddy did the old rm -rf / for
: ?kicks?. He forgot he had grub on it so he panicked and deleted the
: partition with MS-DOS delpart.exe and created a new one with fdisk. Of
: course grub did not go anywhere. So now all you have is a box that
: just has grub command prompt. How can I unistall it so I can install a
: fresh version of Linux.
: Thanks.

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