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Sun Jan 27 21:14:03 PST 2002

On Sun, 27 Jan 2002 11:50:58 -0800 (PST) 
Craig Oda <- Personal email <craigoda at communitybuilders.info>> wrote:

> My question is what are other people doing about Linux as a
> business desktop?

Word processing: LaTeX under LyX -- an utterly incredible system.
Wonderful stuff.  I read equally good things about the AucTex mode
under (X)Emacs for writing LaTeX, and I plan on investigating that
at some point (I use XEmacs heavily elsewhere), but for now LyX is
more than pleasing.  The fact that LaTeX can trivially produce
beautiful (in both a typographic and layup sense) print copy, PDFs,
HTML, and flat text is a really nice bonus.

For reading files from things like Word, I usually use wordview from
the catdoc package to dump it to flat text.  If I need to preserve
the formatting I'll use one of AbiWord, KWord, or StarOffice (they
each fail/and succeed on complex Word files slightly differently).

Slides/presentations: I read good things about MagicPoint.  I
haven't used it.  I like and use HTML running under some browser
(currently Galeon).

Spreadsheet: gnumeric (I do little/no spreadsheet work, but this
does what I need for what little I do do).

Database: PostgresQL

> The primary thing I like about KDE is the extent to which
> konqueror is integrated into everything.  However, I'm worried
> that koffice may not have the same level of features as StarOffice
> 6.  Suggestions from anyone?

ObNote: While I can't comment on konqueror or KDE specifically (or
GNOME for that matter) as I don't run them, and I tend to select
against and dislike that sort of integration and unified model.  I
tend to prefer tools and applications that do one thing, and do that
well, than tools that try and be hippy friends with the universe.

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