[svlug] Re: Fixes for anti-aliasing and for G400/framebuffer

Al Udal aludal at softhome.net
Sun Jan 27 17:08:01 PST 2002

[sorry for 8th bit: привет, мэйлер]
Thank you Mark for your URL(s), I couldn't discover them myself.
But the problem remains, see below:

>Will be tinkering with it myself shortly, to boost my RHL 7.2+redhatted
>XFree86 4.1+MatroxG400 Max'ed system with quite poor performance at
>resolutions about 1800x1440 or more (no good AA for Cyrillics,
>Japanese/Chinese/Korean, no good xfs/truetype rendering at all). Someone wish
>me luck in assembling RHL7.2-style rpms for it. (or some good advice, maybe?)

This reminds me of two articles I saw recently.  I don't know 
if they are useful in regard to the problems you mention, or 
to anyone else, but just in case...  Both are described in 
terms of the SuSE 7.3 distro, so file locations and other 
details might be different for Redhat, etc.  Note that the 
terminal '/' on the URLs is required.
Sorry, they were not that useful. The problem with freetype2 was with a 
bytecode interpreter turned off by default at the compile time because the 
guys were freaked out of patent infringements with Apple & Co's. (BitStream 
et al.). There were no such horrors at the freetype "#1" packing time, and 
this latter set of libs works indiscriminately on byte count of glyphs, 
patents or not. It's Mandrake, Ximian, Suse update and late Easel who jumped 
the freetype2 bandwagon, with whatever packaging results for this or that 
distro. Redhat sticks to plain freetype branch (freetype "#1", so to speak.) 
So, in XFree86 4.2.0+RHL7.2 I have 256-bit AA on Cyrillics (M$/Monotype 
TrueType foundries) work almost perfectly (though not that perfect than X's 
Keith Packard claims, and not that rounded and void of artefacts as 
alledgedly inferior 8bit-shaded M$ ClearType; hinting and kerning mistakes 
and definitions is also still an issue for many glyphs and ligatures and 

What puzzles me is that I became unable to turn off AA on 
Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Arabic characters in KDE 2.2.2+X4.2.0 which with a 
notion that Qt-bred AA won't work for CJK by definition (is it a 
Latin/Cyrillic (later) supremacy isuue here?) leaves me with empty squares 
instead of rendered glyphs. X 4.2.0 + gtk font render w/no AA (say, in 
Mozilla) show these CJK characters just fine (most of these TrueType ones 
don't even need much of AA, maybe for fontsizes>24 only)
Tweaking XftConfig produced no good results so far.


This tells how to turn on antialiasing, which might be 
switched off by default because it could infringe on an Apple 
Oh yeah. Speaking of Apple, I was looking for their(? Linotype?) TrueType 
Times and whatever sanserif TrueType sets, preferrably in .ttf form, to 
relatively freely download -- it's strictly for personal use, any hints/URLs?

Hint for hint:
If you work with 1600x1280 and more resolutions (like mine 1800x1440), you'll 
be doing your eyes very big favour if you set your X dpi value(s) right. 
Defaults of X 4.x are ridiculously low -- 88 or 89 by some reports. GIMP 
installation procedure could give you an idea of what your real numbers are 
(mine for HP P1110 were approx. 113 and 121.) Now the problem is that you can 
start X (in Xservers) with the option "....X -dpi 121" as the last line, 
instead of default ".... X", but only an obscurely documented option for 
"Monitor" Section in your XF86Config-4 file can give you your right figures 
fired up correctly: add this:

Section "Monitor"

DisplaySize 403 302

which is your horizontal and vertical screen size in millimeters, it will 
give you exact numbers of 113 and 121 of dpi's (different for aperture grill 
Sony CRT's triades as in my case). You'll be able to get a lot of eyes relief.


This is about the Matrox G-400 card not working with the 
framebuffer facility, and how to recompile the kernel to 
remove the latter.

It's Suse again, thanks. My G400 FB was working perfectly since RHL 7.0 
(apart from dri when upgrading X, crap!)

Thanks anyway,
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