[svlug] KDE, GNOME, OpenOffice, Konqueror, Nautilus, StarOffice

Craig Oda - Personal email craigoda at communitybuilders.info
Sun Jan 27 11:49:01 PST 2002

After using GNOME for a while, I tried out KDE and was surprised that
after an hour of use, it seems a lot better to me than GNOME.
Nautilus is fairly slow compared to konqueror and konqueror is faster
than Mozilla as a browser.  Also, there is a lot better integration of
konqueror and apps such as koffice than anything I've seen between
nautilus and the gnome office tools.  The one thing I'm wondering
about is openoffice.  It seems fairly slow right now, but it does have
the advantage of running on windows too.  So, if I'm going to learn
new features, I was thinking of learning them once.  My question is
what are other people doing about Linux as a business desktop?

The primary thing I like about KDE is the extent to which konqueror is
integrated into everything.  However, I'm worried that koffice may not
have the same level of features as StarOffice 6.  Suggestions from anyone?

-- Craig

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