[svlug] sbay.org discussing incorporation

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Sun Jan 27 01:44:02 PST 2002

SVLUG members -

At last weekend's SBAY Pizza meeting, we began discussing incorporating
sbay.org as a California non-profit corporation.  I'll mention it here
because some of you may be interested in knowing that it's happenning or
even participating in the discussion.  SVLUG and sbay.org have many
participants in common.  And both groups teamed up along with Fremont's
EBLUG to host the very successful "Linux10" Linux 10th anniversary picnic
in Sunnyvale last August.  

Why are we doing this now after 8 years?  Some little reasons have been
accumulating over the years, as sbay.org gets in to more projects.  But
the SBAY Wireless Network provided the catalyst to seriously consider it
now.  The organization needs to enter into agreements for radio tower
space.  It wouldn't hurt if the organization could actually own some of
the network's equipment too.

We have a mail list for the incorporation discussion.
However, *this is not a list for lurkers*.  Subscription requires approval.
If we know who you are and you've shown interest in sbay.org activities
before, we'll approve your subscription.  If you're not sure we'll know you,
please send an e-mail introducing yourself and saying why you're interested
when you submit your subscription request.

For those who just want to lurk to acquaint themselves with sbay.org,
that's what the SBAY Social list is for...

I also posted info on the sbay.general and sbay.linux newsgroups...

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