[svlug] Comment period ends Jan 28 for Microsoft settlement

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Fri Jan 25 09:59:02 PST 2002

If you haven't done so already, please make your voice heard.

Jeremy White, founder and CEO of Codeweavers, has written "A
confession of shame, and a call to action" about this issue from his
vantage point in the business of providing Windows-compatibility for
non-Microsoft operating systems. It's well worth a read.

In it, he advocates, at a minimum, that US Citizens send e-mail to
microsoft.atr at usdoj.gov with a subject of "Microsoft Settlement",
registering their objections.  State that you are a US Citizen and
what your concerns are, even if it's only a couple of lines.

The Tunney Act is a law that requires the DOJ to listen to public
comment before accepting a settlement such as this one.  But the time
is running out to make such comments, and after this Monday we won't
be able to get our voices heard!

Here are some web links to help you understand the issue and figure
out what to say:

Jeremy White's call to action:

Dan Kegel's site full of links about the case:

Dan Kegel's analysis of what's wrong and what should be changed to fix it:

Slashdot thread on this topic:

ACT NOW!  Time is running out ... the public comment period required
by law in such cases expires Monday!


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