[svlug] A followup on UnZipping in Linux.

Ron theotiwii at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 22 19:50:02 PST 2002

mbillens at one.net wrote:

> It's _free_ software.  You as the user are responsible.

Hum, interesting perspective.

Since I'm not going to rewrite the "WebAppWriter" code responsible for
sending me the zip file and I'm not going to rewrite Unzip, and I do
take an active part in the Linux community and do contribute my time to
make these utilities better... I am simply asking for the lists opinion
of whom I should address concerning the problem.

I could just ignore it, since I already have the answer... but I expect
if I tripped over it, there's bound to be another "dude" out there that
will waste their time with the same problem... and since I OBVIOUSLY
don't know how UnZip works, I'm asking this forum for their opinion
before I take action.

I don't equate "_free_ software" with bad software, I expect any 1+
release to be a responsible product. Polish and responsibility are two
different words AND, the RESPONSIBLE in community supported software
includes questions like the one I have posted.

I would like to add that your post strikes me as a "quit whining, you
didn't pay the price so suffer the consequences" reaction. If I'm wrong,
I apologize, but if that was your message, then don't preach it on top
of Linux, cuz that ain't the package, dude, Linux, the software and the
community ARE responsible and I'm sorry you don't understand that. And
just so we don't start any semantic wars, think about this: "I am
responsible, says the programmer, I accept responsibility, says the

Let me rephrase my question... here it is:

I am going to try and prevent SOMEONE ELSE from experiencing this
problem if it is INDEED a problem. Since UnZip is in release 5.42, I
would DEFINITELY like to have the perspective of those on this list
before I trouble the author of a mature product with what might only be
"my own problem of perception" ... after all, a number of people advised
me to use the "-d" switch, but not ONE of them mentioned the behavior
might seem "unexpected."


PS: Sorry to hear about the AbiWord developers thinking they are MS Word
wannabees without the budget, it's got to be tough to code that way
(especially considering what a poor product MS Word is).

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