[svlug] A followup on UnZipping in Linux.

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It's _free_ software.  You as the user are responsible.

If you don't like how unzip, or any other utility for that matter, works,
write your own or download the source and submit a patch to the author.

There was a piece on Slashdot not too long about from the AbiWord
developers...  Basically the message was that you can't expect AbiWord to be
as polished as MS Word.  It's a small group of people working in their spare
time compared to MS's millions of man hours developing Word...  I think this
holds true for a lot of Linux vs. Windows apps.  Winzip (or whatever) being
maybe more polished than unzip.



Matt Billenstein
mbillens (at) one (dot) net

> I have a followup question on "unzipping" in Linux.
> I initially attempted to unzip the foo.zip file with "mc", it created
> the file structure but moved the files out of the archive with zero
> size, BOTH as a user and as ROOT (and no error or warning message).
> Using the command line to unzip (as ROOT) I received a series of
> "checkdir error: cannot create / unable to process" messages - and
> failure. (I mention this only because a number of people posted me
> privately suggesting the ROOT user would have free reign at unzipping
> the file).
> My question today is:
>      Who was responsible for the problem to unzip?
> Quite frankly, the zip file unzips for me without a problem on a Windows
> machine, I'm not sure what to say to the author...
>      A. Learn to zip...
>      B. Don't send zip files to Linux users,
>         they may not have memorized the manual...
>      C. Unzip in Linux is broken...
>      D. Unzip in Linux is user malicious,
>         good luck if the user isn't perfect...
> Any advise?
> Thank you for those who responded with assistance and those who might
> help me understand how to respond to the zip file author (or the author
> of UnZip, for that matter).
> -Ron
> PS: I stand on the ground that if unzip reports the directory structure
> to mc's VFS list then it should reciprocate by allowing mc to manipulate
> the files. Any _secret contract_ the original author had with the
> archive should not enforce itself transparently, ESPECIALLY stripping
> the files of content on their way out of the archive. That's WAY weird,
> and that's the behavior I was dealing with.
> The point is not the level of integration between mc and unzip, just
> that their relationship demonstrates the _secret contract_ aspect the
> unsuspecting user is assailed by.
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