[svlug] Could someone test UNZIP for me?

Ron theotiwii at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 21 21:08:02 PST 2002

Mark S Bilk wrote:

> The problem does seem to be that the path starts at root.
> You can use the "-d <dir>" option to unzip the files to
> a tree rooted at directory "dir".  I was able to unzip 
> them successfully to the pre-existing directory "junk"
> in the current directory ("gunk").

Wow, that's it, thanks Mark! Gosh, I love the way Linux forces you to
_wake up_ every time you type a command! Since it's like... 10 minutes
next to shut eye, I'm going to sign off on anything else until the A.M.,
I do believe you have the solution, THANK YOU!

I'm posting this thread to the author of the code. If any SVLUG people
are into JAVA and the WEB, I STRONGLY suggest they investigate Tomcat & 
STRUTS, perhaps take a look at JCorporate's EXPRESSO... and visit Pete
Carapetyan's "webAppWriter" (PS: use Sun's PetStore platform ONLY if you
understand WHY you need it! :-)


PS: Pete, I'll touch base with you tomorrow: Tuesday :-)

PPS: Mark... "gunk?"

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