[svlug] Could someone test UNZIP for me?

Ron theotiwii at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 21 19:35:02 PST 2002


A very quick response from [I'm always uncomfortable posting names of
those who respond privately, even though they are frequent contributors
and probably wouldn't give a rats ass (sorry, 10 years in Boston) if I
did] a SVLUG member states:

"Whoever zipped them did so including the path /foo/WHATEVER
trying to unzip them on linux won't work because you (as in, your user
account) don't have permission to write /foo/WHATEVER into the root

This could be a lead, but I also attempted to _UNZIP_ them as root,
wouldn't that negate that argument?

[ PS: This is also the response to that person who responded to me
privately :-) ]


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