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Justin F. Knotzke shampoo at cam.org
Mon Jan 21 17:04:01 PST 2002

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 01:21:58PM -0800, Rafael wrote:

> The sooner you enforce reasonable rules in the company the easier it is.  
> New hires are afraid to ask too much, so it becomes part of the "culture",
> and older employees need to get used to it, and they do when they see the
> benefits of a stable environment.

	I agree. We have "rules" at the office. The case where I needed help
was at a client site. The people who walk around the equipment rooms are
"operators". It's been explained to me that these people are not very
computer savy. They live in a pure hardware world where everything has
buttons and knobs and little LCD's and when the thing acts weired, they
reset it.

	At 03:00 when no one is around and the thing is acting wonky, they
will pull the cord. Or so it has been explained to me.

	I installed ext3 today on a few machines. A very painless operation.
We've decided that any machines that are already out there we will
leave. If we get a few calls with this problem we'll have a little chat
with the operator and then upgrade to ext3.

	I pushed Linux hard at the office and it was a coup of sorts to have
our stuff run off Linux. As a result I'm the "linux guy" and whenever
some issue comes up I'm 100% responsible for it.

	You know how some of these Windows schmucks can be when you invade
on their territory. They just sit there waiting for something to go
wrong and then point fingers. Petty S.O.B's.. 

	Again, thanks for all those who replied.


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