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Mon Jan 21 14:15:01 PST 2002

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> what i'd like to do is write a bash shell script for all the linux DHCP 
 > clients that would connect to the DHCP server at boot and get a file in 
 > format of /etc/hosts, created seperately by me on the server, with all the 
 That's easy. Append a hosts file from NFS server (hosts has to be
 exported, /share/hosts for example) to /etc/hosts. All you need to do is
 create hosts entries on NFS server if that's the way you want to go.  You
 can periodicaly check to make sure it's up to date. No passwords etc. 
 For other purposes when you need to interact with other programs like 
 logins etc. use expect. Be aware of security implications though. 

how exactly would i mount the nfs volume? i've tried using linuxconf to 
export a directory called /network/dhcphosts, to which everyone has 
permissions. in /network/dhcphosts, there is the server version of hosts. on 
the client, i used linuxconf to import /network/dhcphosts to /etc.

could you name me a few DNS config tools?

serban giuroiu

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