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Marc MERLIN marc_news at vasoftware.com
Mon Jan 21 14:01:01 PST 2002

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 12:19:24AM -0800, J C Lawrence wrote:
> Quite.  For what you do, especially as a SysAdm, mc is invaluable.
> I, umm, don't tend to do that much SysAdm, especially not on a daily
> basis.
Fair enough.
> I just checked, and perhaps I'm missing something in playing just
> now, but I don't see anything in the options that disabled (for
> instance) the dialog on a tagged copy which asks:
>   Copy # files with source mask to:
>   To: 
I  thought you  were talking  about confirm  delete/overwrite and  so forth.
Indeed, for copy and move, you do  get a window, but it's not a confirmation
window, it's  a window that  lets you change  the destination (if  you don't
want to be using  the second pane), lets you rename  files by regex patterns
are you copy/move them, select how  to copy symlinks and file attributes and
so forth.
> > Then it wasn't installed properly.  
> On a Debian system:
>   $ type mc
>   mc is /usr/bin/mc
You are right, it's a damn shame. I guess I forgot that on all my debian
systems, the function came from me.
On Red Hat and other distros, the function gets installed with the package.
On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 12:23:12AM -0800, J C Lawrence wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Jan 2002 23:42:53 -0800 
> Marc MERLIN <marc_news at vasoftware.com> wrote:
> > I, for one, am damn happy that vi users don't get to remap all the
> > keys to anything they'd like, otherwise it'd be a complete mess.
> Why?  I assume you would never use that capability, but those that
> would, could, and their user-local configs (~.vimrc?) would not
> affect you unless you logged in as them for some reason (in which
> case you get what's coming to you).

I guess I'm biased because I get to experience that when the user comes and
asks for help and that I have to use their keyboard.
It's just  as annoying than a  user with a  DVORAK keyboard who needs  me to
type on their keyboard.

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