[svlug] Red Hat Package Grouping Update Tool?

Craig Oda - Personal email craigoda at oda.dhs.org
Mon Jan 21 12:08:02 PST 2002

I am running Red Hat 7.2 as a server without X and want to install
gnome so that I can display an X screen on a Windows 2000 box using
vnc and ssh tunneling.  When using Debian, I can use apt to select a
package and have the dependent dpkgs installed for me as well.  What
is the easiest way for me to install a grouping of rpms over the
Internet via ftp?  I want to select a block of the most common gnome
apps and just let it install unattended while I eat lunch.

I have another comment related to mail programs that run within
emacs.  I used to use mew http://www.mew.org and remember that it was
pretty good.  However, I can't seem to get it configured properly.  I
don't particularly like rmail.  From what I remember, rmail stored the
mail in a single file.  Right now, I'm using pine with emacs as the
alternate editor.  However, it would be easier to read the mail in an
emacs buffer if there was a easy-to-use emacs mail reader package that store
and search through a few gigs of mail.

-- Craig

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