[svlug] Rant re: SnapNames.com

Jay Link jlink at ilbbs.com
Sat Jan 19 17:24:02 PST 2002

Disclaimer: the following rant concerns my personal experience with
SnapNames.com, and may not be indicative of their service as a whole.


Ok, so I paid SnapNames.com $49.00 a few months ago in the delusional
belief that they might have some "in" with Network Solutions and that they
might help get me a LONG-since-expired domain.

No such luck.

But, no worries, I thought -- I'll just apply my credit to another domain
that's about to drop, and I should have first dibs on it. (For those of
you who don't follow domain names too closely, they usually go into a
state of limbo about a week before they become available, and their whois
info [if registered with NetSol] states:  "Domain not found locally, but
Registry points back to local DB. Local whois DB must be out of date.")

So yesterday the domain finally did become available, but did SnapNames,
who advertises being able to grab domain names "within milliseconds",
successfully register it for me?

You can probably guess the answer.

And now, for the icing on the cake: Today I tried to register an OPEN
domain with my credit with SnapNames -- since their service is obviously
worthless and I wanted to salvage SOME of my $49.00 -- but no dice. For an
open, *unregistered* domain, I have to pay them $69.00, and I can't use my

What fsckers! Maybe I can use my SnapNames credit to buy the Brooklyn

Thus, this is a cautionary tale. THINK TWICE (at least) BEFORE GIVING


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