[svlug] installfest directions update - avoid I-880/Brokaw interchange

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Sat Jan 19 02:15:02 PST 2002

I updated the SVLUG Installfest directions.

This is important so I'll send the update by e-mail too.  The page now
includes this stern warning:

   "Warning! As of January 2002, the I-880 freeway widening and Brokaw
   interchange reconstruction are at a stage that you are strongly advised
   to avoid the I-880/Brokaw interchange like the plague! Narrowed lanes
   surrounded by concrete barriers cause frequent car crashes! And
   intolerable delays..."

Directions have been updates to show alternatives.  Basically, from I-880
northbound from Santa Clara, get off on US101 northbound or N First Street.
>From I-880 southbound from Fremont and Milpitas, get off at Montague
Expressway and follow the directions from there.

Let me explain why I'm wording it so strongly.  I live near there.  I avoid
the 880/Brokaw interchange because the concrete barriers along the narrowed
lanes on I-880 leave no room for error.  It has gotten worse lately.
You have no room to merge onto I-880 before you're faced with traffic who
won't let you in or the concrete barriers.  Bad situation to be in!  The
I-880 bridge over Brokaw Rd and Coyote Creek is being rebuilt and is even
narrower than usual, which is really bad.  Nearly every time I turn on the
radio traffic reports on KLIV 1590 there's an accident at 880 and Brokaw.
You get the picture...

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