[svlug] About mc

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Fri Jan 18 19:03:02 PST 2002

J C Lawrence wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 15:59:35 -0800
> Erik Steffl <steffl at bigfoot.com> wrote:
> > IMO mc (text version) is the best file manager ever.
> Inserts standard grumble about horrible keybindings and lack of key
> binding configurability.  I'd really go for something equivalent to
> Vern Buerg's LIST.

  well, it would be nice if the keybindings were configurable but it
doesn't bother ME too much (I mostly use arrows, tab, ctrl-o and F3,
F5), I used nc(-like programs)  before so they are all familiar:-)

  I just checked LIST and it seems quite ugly, giving me the straight
jacket feel (no command line, didn't even find how to configure it, copy
expects me to type in the path? alt-tab doesn't work, in-program
documentation miserable (one help screen)). Why would you want anything
like that? (honest question, not really comparing it to mc)


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