[svlug] Responses to criticisms and questions

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Fri Jan 18 15:29:02 PST 2002

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 17:00:09 -0600 
David Ulevitch <davidu at everydns.net> wrote:

> ... however it isn't like I can send patches to ISC for bind.

Actually, you can.  As always they might not get accepted.  In my
case it got me on towards a job interview (at which point they
revealed that they had an already better patch in the works).

> Also, in case you aren't aware, development for bind9 is behind
> closed doors.  What DNS daemon do you use? (MaraDNS? I doubt it)

I don't care where the development occurs, or even particularly how,
or behind what doors.  (Heck, I was the project manager for
Linux/IA64, and that was all covered by NDAs, behind closed doors,
and generally in the super-sekrit category) Most of the Open Source
bits I'm actively involved with are run by single dictator
developers.  Active ad-hoc community participation is not a defining
criteria for an Open Source project.  Licensing is the defining

Nominum is responsive to their developed-for user base for design
criteria, patch acceptance, and support discussion.  As happens
neither of us fall into their target user-base market (I'm assuming
that you don't work for a root server or core ISP).  OTOH I know
people in that space, and Nominum is quite responsive and civic
minded there.

>> Oh, I don't dislike it or even complain about it, just question
>> its value.

> Okay, that's fine.  You are more then welcome to send me your IPs
> and I'll just add you to our ingress and egress firewall rules so
> you'll never mistakenly get a packet from me or anybody else who
> uses my nameservers for resolution.  I am not forcing or even
> asking you to use the service.  Then again, your opinion is yours
> to have, despite it being moot.

Ptui.  You're being silly.

>> EasyDNS does not do Dynamic DNS.  DynamicDNS.org does not offer
>> secondary MXing, globally distributed DNS servers (all
>> continents), or full control over your zone file.

> Actually, we do...

Please note the names quoted above.  They are not typoes for

> ... Static DNS, Dynamic DNS, Dynamic Zoning (a whole dynamic zone
> framework), AXFR service, and Secondary service.  We have
> nameservers in the Netherlands, Freemont, San Diego and as of
> today have gotten space at Inflow in St. Louis for a couple more
> boxes.  I doubt we will ever put a box at the south pole but you
> never know.

My interest specifically is: 

  One box on each US coast
  (At least) one in continental Europe.
  One in Australia
  One in Hong Kong

If things continue developing they way they are, Singapore may
become interesting as well.

> We are also going to be releasing a backup MX feature that adds
> way more then your average MX.  We have the ability to enforce
> quotas, filters, time-expiration, holds, pushes and the ability to
> view the mail in the queue from a remote machine while the primary
> mail server is still down.  I'd like to see another MX provider
> (esp. the for-cost ones) compare to that.  They can't.

This could be very interesting.  The devil is in the details.

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