[svlug] Responses to criticisms and questions

David Ulevitch davidu at everydns.net
Fri Jan 18 15:01:02 PST 2002

Hello svlug'ers,

A couple of you passed on this thread about everydns and I just wanted
to take a moment of your time to respond.

Aaron T. Porter writes:

>       I would disagree. Many of the free/cheap alteratives are stinky. I
> prefer rely on friends, but not everyone has the luxury of a rolodex full
> of unix admins with reliable personal systems. Tack onto that the growing
> prevalance of broadband pipes with dynamic ips, and it starts to sound
> even better.

I agree that most of the alternatives are "stinky" which is why I
started my project.  A majority of our users are on cable, homeDSL or
some other sort of non-business line.  However, it is interesting to
note that there is a sizeable number of users who use us for their
webhosted domains simply for the fact they don't want to rely on some
company (either the new one or the old one) to do dns updates for them
when they change companies.

>       I really like what EveryDNS is doing, just not how they're going
> about it.

You say that as if I've done something wrong.  I haven't.  I use
TinyDNS because it's source is open and I can manage the code base
however I want with no restrictions.  I'm fully aware of why I will
never find DJB's code on the main/ tree of my favorite debian mirror
but because it's secure, stable, fast and free I choose it over the
Buggy Internet Name Daemon.  I'm a big fan of Opensource and use it
everyday, however it isn't like I can send patches to ISC for bind.
Also, in case you aren't aware, development for bind9 is behind closed
doors.  What DNS daemon do you use? (MaraDNS? I doubt it)


J C Lawrence writes:

> Oh, I don't dislike it or even complain about it, just question its
> value.

Okay, that's fine.  You are more then welcome to send me your IPs and
I'll just add you to our ingress and egress firewall rules so you'll
never mistakenly get a packet from me or anybody else who uses my
nameservers for resolution.  I am not forcing or even asking you to
use the service.  Then again, your opinion is yours to have, despite
it being moot.


J C Lawrence also wrote:

> EasyDNS does not do Dynamic DNS.  DynamicDNS.org does not offer
> secondary MXing, globally distributed DNS servers (all continents),
> or full control over your zone file.

Actually, we do Static DNS, Dynamic DNS, Dynamic Zoning (a whole
dynamic zone framework), AXFR service, and Secondary service.  We have
nameservers in the Netherlands, Freemont, San Diego and as of today
have gotten space at Inflow in St. Louis for a couple more boxes.  I
doubt we will ever put a box at the south pole but you never know.

We are also going to be releasing a backup MX feature that adds way
more then your average MX.  We have the ability to enforce quotas,
filters, time-expiration, holds, pushes and the ability to view the
mail in the queue from a remote machine while the primary mail server
is still down.  I'd like to see another MX provider (esp. the for-cost
ones) compare to that.  They can't.
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