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J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Fri Jan 18 14:27:02 PST 2002

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:03:11 -0800 
Aaron T Porter <Aaron> wrote:

> I would disagree. Many of the free/cheap alteratives are stinky. 

I can't comment on how many suck, or what the percentage is (I
haven't used such a service for several years now), however minimal
poking about search engines suggests that its a well populated space
which in turn suggests a standard market: nost vendors suck at least
somewhat and there are a relative few really good sources.

As previously mentioned EasyDNS is ~$25 per annum which seems cheap
enough to be almost ignorable, especially given the value-adds on
their service (geographically distributed servers, secondary MXing,
etc) for a noticeably high quality service.  They don't however do
DynDNS (which has more vendors than I can shake a stick at).
Secondary.com dominates the free secondary name server business --
enough that the lists I'm on devoted to community/public DNS issues
have near died.  

> I prefer rely on friends, but not everyone has the luxury of a
> rolodex full of unix admins with reliable personal systems. 

I used to rely on friends but I found the unreliable -- not because
they were poor friends, but because the moved house, moved servers,
had other people with root on their boxes who didn't know about the
arrangement, just forgot about it, etc.  So I went the $25/year
route -- cheap insurance.

> Tack onto that the growing prevalance of broadband pipes with
> dynamic ips, and it starts to sound even better.  I really like
> what EveryDNS is doing, just not how they're going about it.

Oh, I don't dislike it or even complain about it, just question its

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