[svlug] secondary dns

David E. Weekly david at weekly.org
Fri Jan 18 14:10:02 PST 2002


As surely as the wind blows, you're entitled to your own feelings about the
utility of such a system, but the 3500+ accounts, 1600+ domains, and 5600+
DNS records in EveryDNS seem to indicate that somebody at least found such a
service useful. =)

It's DNS registration + DNS hosting + Net services (web+other things) that
make a 1-2-3 combo that might actually be useful for people. Myself, I'm
focusing on providing infrastructure for individuals, non-profits, and Open
Source projects with my California Community Colocation Project:
http://communitycolo.net/. (Incidentally, it may be the first non-profit in
the world to focus exclusively on providing colocated Internet services to

Since I'm friends with EveryDNS's founder, I'd be happy to pass back any
constructive feedback you might have on their services.


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