[svlug] Debugging memory problems

David Masten dmasten at piratelabs.org
Fri Jan 18 11:39:03 PST 2002

On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 23:41, Rafael wrote:

> I'm not familiar with your environment so I can't comment on that.  
> However, I have very hard time to understand (mostly) startup companies of
> the 1990's that have no problems getting BMWs for their management or top
> people, all kinds of office perks, and bonusses, but they skimp on
> computer and network equipment. Instead of buying decent US made equipment
> from Sun, SGI, HP, etc. (which would bring the prices down) they invest in
> crappy PeeCees which in some way supports the evil empire [1] with it's
> crappy OS and other software. 

I do not know what you are ranting about here. Most of the 1990's
startups that I have dealt with bought the biggest most powerful
computer equipment they could, and there was a glut of second hand high
end equipment this year from all the bankrupt companies.

Yes, we are using Intel hardware. We have found a vendor who is not
charging us for an OS. 

I make my decisions based on cost/performance. A farm of "cheap" PCs
running Linux gave us better performance at a lower cost than SGI, Sun,
HP, and IBM workstations or servers could give us. 


p.s. My management team drives Ferraris. They earned them.

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