[svlug] About mc

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Thu Jan 17 17:55:02 PST 2002

Marc MERLIN writes:
>You may find out that it's useful to you too. Mc is *much* more than
>a file manager. I know the command line inside and out, and use mc in
>at least 1/3rd of my Eterms :-)
>Nothing beats browsing the content of a tar file inside a .src.rpm
>which is on a remote ftp server.  Being able to select random files
>and dirs, and paste that on your command line inside mc also totally
>rules.  The mass renames with regular expressions, or the external
>panelize, or the undelete filesystem are just a few of the reaons why
>mc is a great tool for seasonned sysadmins.

Well, I'll have to learn how to use it for this presentation anyway,
and maybe I'll agree.  I'm skeptical but I will give it a chance...


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