[svlug] E-Machines 667ir and Debian

Stephen Hill steveh1 at telocity.com
Thu Jan 17 15:38:02 PST 2002

I have heard many good things about the Debian distro, so I decided to
replace the RH7.1 linux on my E-Machines.  I have tried several times
to get the installation CD downloaded, usually timing out or some
such, and I recently saw a 32Mb download that would get enough of
Debian loaded that the rest could be taken down from the net.  That
part succeeded.

However, now that I have rebooted, it doesn't seem to recognize my
NIC.  I looked thru Google, and saw that the Network Everywhere Fast
E'net Adaptor (NC100v2) NIC that E-Machines uses can be activated
using the tulip.o driver, which IS on the drives as seen from linux.
It's been an awfully long time since I played with putting in a NIC,
but I first did an lsmod to see what modules were loaded (nothing at
all) then tried to insmod tulip.o, which didn't work.

Am I thinking down the wrong path?  I figure that something ought to
work, since I was able to get the rest of Debian downloaded via my LAN
interface to the WAN, but I just can't seem to remember what the next
step is to hook the os up with the driver.


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