[svlug] What constitutes "Linux Basics"?

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Wed Jan 16 23:28:02 PST 2002

Brian Coyle <brian at linuxwidows.com> writes:
> On Wednesday 16 January 2002 19:13, William R Ward wrote:
> > I may have an opportunity to give a one-hour talk on Linux Basics,
> [snipped]
> Some of the other discussions in this thread are already beyond the
> basics.  If a user understands the command line, file system 
> permissions and the like then they're somewhere between a newbie
> and an intermediate user.

They don't necessarily understand those things yet.  We're talking
Linux *Basics* afterall.

> Don't bother with the history of Linux or Open Source, nor anything
> to do with installing the system or applications.  How many 'doze
> users actually installed their box?  Most will be in the group 
> that bought a pre-installed, ready to run out-of-the-box system.
> Besides, thats what InstallFests are for. :)

That's a good point - in fact I'll be sure to refer them to the 'Fest.

> > How much of Linux Basics is system administration and how much is
> > actually using the system?
> 	SysAdmin is an intermediate, not basic topic.  ;)

True, but if someone's interested in running a home Linux box, a
little basic sysadmin is needed.

> > What applications are most likely to be of interest (web browsing,
> > editing files, StarOffice perhaps)?
> Web browsing and email are the top two.  Followed by mp3 ripping.
> Whatever you do don't introduce vi or emacs!  ;)   
> SO is a good one for users that have been exposed to the full M$ Office 
> suite.  Might be overkill for most grandparents.

Email, good point.  What email client does RedHat shove down peoples'
throats these days?

> > I know this is all vague, but the audience for this is wide, and so
> > all bases should be at least touched, if not covered completely.  The
> > idea is to encourage them to come back for more information.
> Great idea!  Don't forget to ask those 'intermediate' users I mentioned
> at the top to join your graduates in the next round of sessions...

The idea is to develop a whole series of talks but I need to start


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