[svlug] edtiting mp3 files in place

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 16 19:39:01 PST 2002

Marc MERLIN wrote:
> Do you know of a tool that can edit mp3 files in place (merge/remove parts)
> I currently know of mpcut (mp3cut.sf.net), which is sufficient when it
> works, but it fails on many files.
> Next is a mixture of mpg123 -y -t -vvv and mp3asm, but that's _very_
> cumbersome to use.
> Do you kow of anything else?

  quotes from pjb-100 list on groups.yahoo.com (recent thread: Software
for splitting MP3s?):

"Try MP3Cutter at http://mp3cutter.cjb.net/"

"Here's a mp3 editing tool that claims not to decompress the file:

"I've used mpgedit
<URL:Lhttp://ip120.gte16.rb1.bel.nwlink.com/~number6/mpgedit/> to do
this, with good results (but a quirky interface)."

  some (or all) of those might be ms win programs,


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