[svlug] What constitutes "Linux Basics"?

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Wed Jan 16 18:06:01 PST 2002

At 16 Jan 2002 it looks like William R Ward composed:

> I may have an opportunity to give a one-hour talk on Linux Basics, and
> I've got some good ideas for what to include, but I'd like to get some
> input from folks on what they think is important.  

Hmm, since everything in a Linux system is regarded as a "file",
files should be a good start. The whole filesystem concept compared
to C:\ confused me at first.

Prepare verbal comparisons with maybe / and C:\ that's what I do and
have great results.

When it comes to permissions at the file level versus the OS level
(windows) I was just telling a windows person that once a burglar
breaks into the front door of a windows (house) everything in the
house is open to theft.

In a Unix (house) getting in the front door would get you only that,
not a drawer, refrigerator, water facet, light switch could be
turned on for they all have ownership permissions.

chmod 400 /dev/refrigerator equals a great diet !!!

Good Luck.

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