[svlug] What constitutes "Linux Basics"?

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Wed Jan 16 16:14:01 PST 2002

I may have an opportunity to give a one-hour talk on Linux Basics, and
I've got some good ideas for what to include, but I'd like to get some
input from folks on what they think is important.  If you could answer
one or more of these questions, it would be helpful to me in compiling
this presentation.  I'm planning on basing it on Red Hat, since that
seems to be the most popular and the easiest for newbies to handle,
though I prefer Debian personally.

When dealing with newbies at InstallFests, what do they ask?

What stumbling blocks to people who've only ever used Windows face
when tackling Linux for the first time?

How much of Linux Basics is system administration and how much is
actually using the system?

What applications are most likely to be of interest (web browsing,
editing files, StarOffice perhaps)?

I know this is all vague, but the audience for this is wide, and so
all bases should be at least touched, if not covered completely.  The
idea is to encourage them to come back for more information.


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