[svlug] Linux to serve as a boradband gateway

Matt Billenstein mbillens at one.net
Tue Jan 15 18:09:01 PST 2002

I've got that type of setup and I'm not having any trouble...  I've been
using:  http://monmotha.mplug.org/firewall/index.php  for a firewall script
and it works great with a minimal of fuss.  I just call it when the system
starts and everything is taken care of...  But, I use the script to redirect
web browsing on my internal LAN to a squid proxy server running on the same
box.  Slightly different from what you'll be doing...

Seems strange to me though that you can get some sites to come up but not
others...  Maybe information on what iptables rules you're using would be



Matt Billenstein
mbillens (at) one (dot) net

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| Excuse me to post this again, since I get no response last time, I thought
| could because I did not ask correct question.
| I believe a lot of you must have experiences in set up a Linux box as a
| to share DSL or Cable broadband connection with a small network. Maybe you
| help me out.
| The symptom I experienced is while trying connect to some web sites from
| masqeraded PC, it just does not work. However, I can connect to those
| without a problem from the Linux box.
| I am running a Debian potato with 2.4.16 kernel. The web site I am having
| problem with including LinuxToday; Fortunately, /. and Yahoo works fine.
| I think is same problem as stated in IP Masquerade HOWTO, section 7.15.
But I
| don't know whether this is still a problem in 2.4.x kernel, and if so,
what is
| the solution to it?
| Thanks in advance,
| Henry
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