[svlug] Linux to serve as a boradband gateway

Henry Jen henryjen at mail.com
Tue Jan 15 17:37:01 PST 2002

Excuse me to post this again, since I get no response last time, I thought it
could because I did not ask correct question.

I believe a lot of you must have experiences in set up a Linux box as a gateway
to share DSL or Cable broadband connection with a small network. Maybe you can
help me out.

The symptom I experienced is while trying connect to some web sites from 
masqeraded PC, it just does not work. However, I can connect to those sites
without a problem from the Linux box.

I am running a Debian potato with 2.4.16 kernel. The web site I am having
problem with including LinuxToday; Fortunately, /. and Yahoo works fine. 

I think is same problem as stated in IP Masquerade HOWTO, section 7.15. But I
don't know whether this is still a problem in 2.4.x kernel, and if so, what is
the solution to it?

Thanks in advance,

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