[svlug] Open Source Programmer Group Meeting (Jan 17)

Robin Rowe rower at MovieEditor.com
Mon Jan 14 23:00:02 PST 2002

Open Source Programmer Group Meeting

January 17, 2002 (third Thursday) 7-9 pm
Cafe Au Coquelet (back room)
2000 University Ave.
Berkeley, California

Open invitation to attend a free informal monthly get-together to discuss
issues relevant to open source programmers.

Anyone working on open source or wanting to work on open source is welcome.
People may discuss whatever they like, but here are some suggested OSS
topics to get the ball rolling:

1. How to choose a project to join
2. Creating a prototype
3. Challenges extending existing projects
4. Tips for CVS, autoconf, make, C/C++
5. Choosing an IDE
6. Adding a GUI
7. Getting help

Because nobody has time to attend every Linux-related event it seems
convenient to co-locate. We meet at the same time and location as BUUG, the
Berkeley Unix Users Group, but are an independent group.

Details on this Web page:


Look forward to seeing you Thursday. Please direct any comments or questions



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