[svlug] linux flavor opinions

Jeffrey Siegal jbs at quiotix.com
Mon Jan 14 03:21:01 PST 2002

Marc MERLIN wrote:
> I remember  choosing the server install  and trying to weed  out packages at
> install time but I  couldn't get under 120MB or so, and that  was in the 6.2
> days.

Weeding out at install time is not as effective as removing packages
later.  Even if you uncheck all of the boxes in the install, you still
get a lot of stuff that really isn't necessary.  I think you get tcl and
python, for example, because some of the config tools (which can also be
removed) are written in them.

> I know that  if your disk is big  enough, you can do the install  and try to
> trim it down later, but that doesn't quite  work if you have a 100MB disk to
> start with.

True enough.

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