[svlug] linux flavor opinions

Marc MERLIN marc_news at vasoftware.com
Sun Jan 13 13:40:02 PST 2002

On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 08:59:15PM -0800, Nate Campi wrote:
> Slackware has always been well suited for a "server" type install due to
> it's simplicity and ability to do a small install.
Debian  can  do   this  just  as  well. Sorry,  but   appart  from  personal
preferences, and being used to it, I  can't see any technical reasons to use
slackware for anything for that matter.
For  that matter,  I don't  dare  thinking how  you do  a distribution  libc
upgrade on a live slackware server nowadays.
> Red Hat can do a "minimal" install, too. Of course Debian users know that
> a fresh install is around 20 megs, with networking ;)

I don't remember how small a bare minimum debian install can be, but I know
it's small.
Red Hat doesn't have a minimum install. What they call minimum install is
150MB and includes X and a lot of crap last I checked.

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