[svlug] ATI Radeon 8500 and Xfree86 4.1.0

Bill Jonas bill at billjonas.com
Fri Jan 11 23:30:02 PST 2002

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 11:39:14AM -0800, Ivan Passos wrote:
> Quick question: is the ATI Radeon 8500 supported by XFree86 4.1.0?? If
> positive, how do I go about getting it to work?!?!?!

I've been following video card stuff regarding the various flavors of
Radeon and Geforce, but not too closely.

I hear that the Radeon 8500 is only supported in the CVS versions of
XFree86.  (Either that or the 7500, but I'm pretty sure it's the 8500.)

I *think* there's a Sourceforge-project-whose-name-I-can't-recall that's
working on this too.  From a quick Google search (try "radeon
site:.sf.net"), I came up with http://gatos.sf.net/ -- I *think* that's
the one that I heard of.  Or it looks like TV capture stuff.  Well, you
might want to try

Short answer: No, it's not supported in the current release version.

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