[svlug] Re: ATI Radeon 8500....

Ivan Passos lists at cyclades.com
Fri Jan 11 00:39:01 PST 2002

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Alexander Udalov wrote:
> Quick answer: as a family, Ati Radeon is supported by XFree86 4.1.0. Or so
> the claims are. It may not extend to 8500 yet though, this generic "radeon"
> driver, so you may want to look for cvs releases of X.

OK, will check, thanks for the pointer.

> Xig supports Radeon 8500 completely, or it's their claim, I never had a
> chance to use commercial and expensive and proprietary accelerated X
> package.

Well, thanks for the suggestion, but I'd rather use XFree86, if possible.
I'll try to check out their CVS tree, and I think there's a good chance
the support for the Radeon 8500 is really there, because I did find a
mention in the 'Net to it being sent to Xfree86 maintainers in Sep/2001.

> On a longer trek, you may want to look at your 8500 card closely: there are
> chances it's actually LE/LELE/OEM/bulk/white-box/any-other-crap other than
> so-called Retail ATi Radeon 8500 which is not only 'Powered by ATi' but also
> 'Manufactured by ATi'. Bargain/cheap imitations using R. 8500 chip are
> usually based on >3.6 ns memory and/or underclocked. These are also known as
> having OEM BIOSes with apparently bad/no 'radeon' signature in them.

I believe this card is ATI 'Manufactured by ATi', as it has an ATI serial
number, and it has "Copyright 2001 ATI" printed on both sides of the PCB,
as well as the FCC conformity statement with ATI's HQ address! If it's a
fake, these guys are really good! :))

> Well, a site called www.radeon.ru has extensive info on how to turn a frog
> OEM cheapo junk into a shining Retail princess of Radeon -- by tweaking
> first, then retro-flashing. Mail me, Ivan, if you have any trouble with
> Russian comments of those guys.
> One more thing -- who needs a 'gamer' card on a Linux machine, I wonder?

Well, I do still have Windows on my system exactly for playing games
(that's why I bought it w/ a 'gamer' card), but I intend to gradually
get Linux in this system to be as powerful and capable as the Windows in
it. You may see it as a lab. I want to see how close (as far as
_functionality_, not appearance or just performance) I can get to what I
have in Windows, or even if I can get beyond that.

So, for now, 2D support for this card under Linux is all I need. I'm
feeling really frustrated that I'm yet to see an X-Windows screen on
this system!!

When I bought this system, I was gonna get an nVidia GeForce3, but then I
heard their drivers were proprietary, and that the Radeon's had support on
XFree86 with ATI-backed drivers. Plus, the ATI card was around $100
cheaper than the nVidia equivalent (around 33% less). I guess what I
didn't know that this XFree86 support didn't include the younger kid of
the Radeon family. Oh well ...

Thanks for your help!


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