[svlug] Newbie Ques: Printing color with a HP340C

Ira Weiny iweiny at acm.org
Wed Jan 9 12:18:02 PST 2002

On Tue, 08 Jan 2002 23:36:16 -0800
"Todd G. Gardner" <nicoli at bigfoot.com> wrote:

> Hello again,
> Has anyone had any success printing color with this printer?  

I would check out CPUS with the gimp-print drivers.  Sourceforge will have a
links to their site.  I don't know if that specific printer is supported but I
would assume so.

I use gimp-print with my epson1280 and it comes out with better color than the
windows drivers.  At least for the photos I print directly from gimp.

And CUPS is really a great thing.  It has a html front end which makes setting
up printers and the like really straight foward.  (Of course while still having
the powerfull CLI to boot!)

Hope this helps,
Ira Weiny
iweiny at acm.org

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