[svlug] Newbie ques: How to echo commands from a script file

Sanatan Rai sanat at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 8 09:55:02 PST 2002

You actually have to do

echo <command>

to have things appear on the screen. So for example if you have

mkdir foo
mv .*rc foo

in your script, and you want to shell to echo as it executes, you will
have to

	mkdir foo
	echo "mkdir foo"
	mv .*rc foo
	echo 'mv .*rc foo'


Unix shells are silent, and so if you put echo on in your script, it will
merely print on when it gets to the line. The unix philosophy is to
provide one with enough rope to hang oneself if one so wishes.

 : Hello,
: I am running rh72.
: How do I cause all the commands from a script file to echo to the
: terminal window.
: echo on does not seem to work if I put that in my script file
: Thanks,
: Todd
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