[svlug] Wheel Mouse Optical... Evil?

Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at dsurreal.org
Tue Jan 8 00:13:02 PST 2002

On Sat, 5 Jan 2002, Michael Eric Battle wrote:

> Sure.  Any old excuse...  Don't you know you're supposed to use Internet
> Exploiter(tm) to surf the web?  That requires WinBloze(r) and that would
> solve all your Linux and X problems.

Heh.  I wish.  The main reason I despise Windows now (aside from general
crappiness) is that the damn thing emits virtually no debugging
information about what it's doing (making troubleshooting a nightmare) and
generally tends to second-guess me every step of the way.  I may be wrong
about things from time to time, but Linux is nice enough to let me go
ahead and do whatever hare-brained thing I've decided to do.  Last night I
tried about a dozen different ways to change the IRQ assignents that
Windows had chosen for me, apparently in my best interests... no joy at

> Actually, it sounds like the default communication protocol of this
> beastie is USB, and (see elsewhere in this thread) that apparently works
> OK. To make it use PS/2 protocol you maybe have to send it a command?
> The M$ driver for the WMO probably handles this, but the gpm driver for
> PS/2 (you mentioned imps2) wouldn't know squat about this requirement.
> Look for the hacks to come out with either a special driver for WMO or a
> patch to the PS/2 or Intellimouse driver.  How long this will take is
> anybody's guess, but the process would of course be facilitated by
> documentation of the WMO, which you're best off not holding your breath
> for.

I still think there's something not quite right about gpm 1.19.6, but as
to the rest of this, see my previous post and ignore the black feathers
sticking out of the corners of my mouth.  The only thing I can really
fault the MS mice for now is being less tolerant of having bits missed by
the operating system and refusing to synch back up.  My Logitech ("Vorlon
Special") trackball was the one thing that refused to exhibit the problem.

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