[svlug] Debian and DHCP (AT&T Broadband)

compunuts compunuts at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 23:49:01 PST 2002

On Monday 07 January 2002 01:17 pm, William Black wrote:
> Much simpler than that.  Pump (the default DHCP client
> in R3) doesn't work with ATTBI for some reason.
> DHCPCD does, however, so just "apt-get install dhcpcd"
> (er, I guess you'd need to load off CD for that--you
> know what I mean) and configure accordingly.

If you have all the information at your hand ( hostname, your IP address, 
gateway address, DNS server info ), you can make it static and set it up 
there to download and  configure your system as you want. Then make changes 
to use DHCP and go from there rather than messing with burning CD thing. The 
DHCP lease should last at least 4 days to do that. Since I've had @HOME and 
later with ATTBI, I only need to change the IP address **once** when ATTBI 
reconfigure their network and move me to different IP block due to slowness. 
I configure my Debian machine to use static IP and no problem since ( 
Although I'm crossing my fingers on ATTBI especially with Comcast meger and 
all that stuff going on ).

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