[svlug] Wheel Mouse Optical... Evil?

Rafael raffi at ark.linwin.com
Mon Jan 7 20:29:01 PST 2002

On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 01:58:56AM -0800, Jeffrey Siegal wrote:
> Rafael wrote:
> > > > OK, I repeat once more: they did not invent much
> > >
> > > That's not repeating.  That is effectively a ratraction of your earlier
> > > statement that they have not invented anything.  Thank you very much.
> > 
> > OK, so they did not invent anything important. You failed to produce one
> > piece of evidence of "great MS invention" to make me think otherwise.
> I never claimed there was any "great MS invention."  I claimed that MS
> sells some perfectly good hardware, and disputed your absurd claim that

OK, OK, I never told you not to use anything that has an MS label on it! I
don't care if you sit on MS labeled potty every morning contemplating on
how to annoy people who have biased opinions about MS on Linux mailing

> MS has never invented anything.  We've since learned that even the
> "dreaded" Wheel Mouse Optical works great with Linux when used as a USB
> device rather than using the very same type of USB-to-PS/2 converter
> that also causes problems with Logitech keyboards.

So what? Use MS mouse, keyboard, or whatever, who cares? I mentioned what
works for me and never argued with you or anybody else what one should use
or not.

> Kindly take your obnoxious and baseless Microsoft bashing, complete with
> discussion of invention and innvoation, elsewhere.  It is entirely
> off-topic here.

I still wonder why my comment upsets you so much to start this obnoxious
advocacy for MS inventions etc. on Linux mailing list. Why do you keep
coming back like a bad dog? Assuming SVLUG police role huh?

This is a Linux mailing list and MS was always a fair game since I joined
it. Some people (including members of this mailing list) use their
signature to express their opinion about MS, others do it in some other
way. I never saw you whining about that. I only made it as a side comment,
supported with examples, which you conveniently managed to ignore, so
leave me alone.

Man, MS biased Telebans are up the wall each time somebody mentions
something about MS that they don't like on Linux mailing list. It was my
opinion, I stand behind it, and you, either ignore or live with it.

May your MS mouse be with you.

My last word with you Sir.


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