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William Black wjblack at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 15:29:01 PST 2002

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OpenBSD may be bullet-proof (insufficient data), but I
don't know anyone running Slack for servers (not that
it isn't done, I just don't know any).

Most folks I know use RedHat for servers, some run
Debian, some Caldera.

Without starting too much of a flame war, I'd
personally stay away from Slack for production servers
that you actually want to maintain software on.  I
love Slack, don't get me wrong (my first distro was
Slack 2.3 way back when), but the RH and Debian
package managers are just too good not to be used in
production servers.  Apt-get is the main reason I use
Debian exclusively at home--it just kicks butt!

I'm guessing that this is either an old
recommendation, the recommender is a BSD geek at heart
(and hasn't been following Linux too closely), s/he's
joking, or he's Patrick Volkerding.


--- Scott Jackson <s_jackson34 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> this is an extract of a recommendation:
>     .. as for OS, I'd choose one of:
>    OpenBSD- ... just a bullet-proof OS...
>    SlackWare Linux (the latest) ... slckware is 
>    aimed at the server crowd...
> do you concur or take exception to the above??

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