[svlug] Debian and DHCP (AT&T Broadband)

William Black wjblack at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 13:18:02 PST 2002

Much simpler than that.  Pump (the default DHCP client
in R3) doesn't work with ATTBI for some reason. 
DHCPCD does, however, so just "apt-get install dhcpcd"
(er, I guess you'd need to load off CD for that--you
know what I mean) and configure accordingly.  You
might have to change your /etc/network/interfaces to
read something like:

iface ethX inet dhcp
    hostname C1234567-A
    client C1234567-A

(Using your real ATT-assigned hostname, client, etc.) 
And take the interfaces down and back up again for it
all to work.

Armed with this info, it took me all of about 30
minutes to wrangle everything into a state of
function, and it's been pretty solid ever since
(though ATTBI's not as good of an ISP as @Home was...


--- Sanatan Rai <sanat at stanford.edu> wrote:
> : I have an IBM laptop
> 	Sorry about that...
> 	I have an IBM laptop running Linux and use AT&T
> boradband to connect to the net. It stops the card 
> manager in suspend mode, so


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