[svlug] Debian and DHCP (AT&T Broadband)

Sanatan Rai sanat at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 7 11:40:02 PST 2002

: I have an IBM laptop

	Sorry about that...

	I have an IBM laptop running Linux and use AT&T boradband to
connect to the net. It stops the card manager in suspend mode, so
I have to reload the cardmanager, and rerun dhcp to get it back to the
net. I would venture to think that something similar is happening in this

: > After the first reboot, however, the Internet connection could
: > never be established again (it seems the DHCP client times out
: > trying to get a lease).

: DHCP support requires a kernel config item (forget which, its in the
: DHCP client docs).  Ensure that your kernel is built with that.
: ObNote:  make-kpkg is your friend.
: > Does anybody here know how to solve this one?? I don't know the
: > ifupdown package well enough to understand its dependencies with
: > other packages (more specifically for this case, the DHCP
: > clients), but I did notice that ifup/ifdown was provided by
: > netbase in 2.2r3, and now they're part of a separate package,
: > called ifupdown. Dunno whether that has anything to do with the
: > problem.
: It worth ensuring that your interface configs are properly migrated
: from /etc/init.d/networking to /etc/network/interfaces (and then
: removing the former).

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